Meeting the Need for Veterinary Credentialing (Vet LCN)

With our new Veterinary Technology program, we are working to meet the increasing demand for more credentialed Veterinary Technicians. Each state has different requirements for credentialing veterinary technicians, so documenting certifications and clinical skills is important as people graduate, move to new states or change positions.

Appalachian State is collaborating with VetBloom, IBM and Purdue University to pilot the Veterinary Learning Credential Network (Vet LCN). The Vet LCN is a solution platform resulting from a collaboration between several veterinary industry stakeholders which enables the issuance, management, exchange, and verification of trusted veterinary competencies and credentials to better prepare and guide individuals into their next educational or career opportunity. Education in veterinary medicine, as with many professions, is undergoing a transformation. This transformation is characterized by a competency-based approach to learning that focuses on skills and achievements as opposed to traditional grading systems. Beyond just one school's program, the veterinary field needs an innovative approach to identify, organize, track, and share the skills and competencies of veterinary care professionals that reflects their lifelong learning experiences. The Vet LCN is designed to track the learning and growth of team members over time from clinical work done in school to experiences gained in the workplace.

Using a blockchain-enabled solution, all key stakeholders, including education providers, learners, regulatory bodies, associations, and employers, can contribute to this shared framework. The goal for all these stakeholders is maintaining a validated and searchable learning credentials and skills network. We are excited about contributing to a project where learners begin to document their education and skills and employers can locate candidates by searching for these verified skills and credentials. Education and learning do not end when students graduate, and the Vet LCN provides a portal to document lifelong learning in the veterinary field.

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Published: May 4, 2022 9:59am